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Heal Your Life Workshop - Invoke Life
Heal Your Life Workshop - Invoke Life

Heal Your Life Workshop - Invoke Life

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Welcome to Heal Your Life Workshop from Invoke Life

There isn’t a day where we don’t worry about money, health, career, relationships, emotional stress and what not. When will have full of everything? Hope we have the answer. Oh Yes, we all do. Many of these issues are self-created from a simple thing called “Thought”. A normal human being has ~ 50,000 thoughts per day off which 80% are negative and 98% of those are repeated daylong. So, how can anything positive come with so many negative thoughts? It is scientifically proven that the thoughts create our reality and make us who we are. Clearly, the answer is within us.

Welcome to Heal Your Life ® workshop. This 2-day transformational workshop can help you identify and dissolve all forms of inner blocks and pave way for your wins. It uses simple techniques that you can use in your daily life to unleash the best in you. These workshops have been running since last 30 years and Millions of people around the world benefitted in more than one way.

This workshop can help you: + Bring the desired success and happiness at home and work + Create financial abundance and nurtures physical and emotional stress + Boosts self-confidence to break free from limitations and realize the full potential of your own creative power + Become the best YOU, that you can be

An experiential workshop that is simple and gentle, yet very powerful.

Read more at www.invokelife.com/healyourlife

Regards, Piyush Tyagi Piyush@invokelife.com


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